Dukhan Security


The Directorate Industrial Security directs, coordinates and guides all aspects of security within Qatar Petroleum (QP), its subsidiaries and joint ventures; including the total supply chain of QP businesses, via the implementation of an Asset Protection Program.


It is the policy of QP that adequate security measures will be applied and implemented; to protect its assets (such as human capital, technologies, information and infrastructure) - based on approved security vulnerability assessments. The entirety of these protective counter measures will be encapsulated within a security management system. The security management system shall have a transnational character and will direct the security function towards a standardized work approach.


Directorate Industrial Security; as a strategic level service provider, shall develop the QP security discipline to fulfill its intended function efficiently, professionally and economically, whilst safeguarding QP people, assets and information. As such the QP security discipline will strive to be recognized as a security leader within the region.


· QP Security shall perform its activities in accordance with accepted security industry standards within a transnational environment.

· QP Security shall conduct its activities as an embedded member of the QP corporate value chain process.

· QP Security shall establish an instituted and comprehensive Asset Protection Programme for QP, its subsidiaries and joint ventures; within the operating framework of Qatar legislation.

Our Objectives

· Establish a comprehensive Asset Protection Programme for QP.

· Evaluate internationally recognized industry standards and develop own standards for QP security systems and processes.

· Design, develop and enable partners & stake-holders, to develop realistic and pragmatic security strategies for their security programmes and systems, in order to meet their specific needs.

· Facilitate the establishment of a national Industrial Security Strategy to lead and guide Oil and Gas within the State of Qatar.

· Offer a sustainable career path progression, along the lines of international accredited National Vocational Qualifications Framework (NVQF) within the State of Qatar.

· Perform as an indispensable management tool for the QP executive management, on security related matters which could adversely affect QP businesses or the petrochemical industry as a whole

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