Club Background: Dukhan Water Sports, formerly Dukhan Sailing Club had been in existence at this present location on Dukhan Beach Road for 52 years. (The initial building was the first Dukhan School).

Sailing was a very popular activity within the club, boosted in the days when Dukhan had many external oil companies. In these years, mid-1980 to mid-1990, the sailing activities consisted largely of 420 dingiest and laser fleets. Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays were the traditional sailing days.

The last decade has seen a huge increase in the club activities, with the name changed to Dukhan Water Sports, the activities have expanded to include a large sailing fleet of club boats ranging from “one man” beginners boats, to 6 man cruising boats. Sailboat training is also organized by the club along with weekly racing competitions.

Power boat activities including fishing with organized club competitions. Water skiing, jet skiing and wind surfing are also practiced. The construction of the new marina has provided a deep water launch facility along with tie-up facilities for 6 power boats.

The club has also started a sub-aqua division which includes dive training for club members.

In addition to these water activities, the club has an active social section.

· Beach slides, bouncy castles, water canoes and pedallos are all available in the beach area.
· Snacks are available on order from the clubhouse
· Regular club nights are held on Tuesdays
· Weekends are very popular with families
· Beach Volleyball with organized competitions is also popular

DWS hosts an annual sailing regatta opened to any QP Sailing Club Member and an annual raft race open to the Dukhan Community.

The new clubhouse has a fresh water swimming pool and separate water slide area. Beach showers and beach toilets are also provided.

In addition, extra shaded parking areas, a new boatyard including a marina workshop are all under construction as part of the same contract.

Also the DWS are developing what is called the “South Beach Area” which means the club grounds will more than double in area. Parking and featured shaded areas are all planned for this area which has an excellent sandy beach with easy access for families. Already DWS have constructed a traditional “Barasthi” (Beach House) in this area for families to use.

With these large club expansions, we are fully anticipating a big increase in membership particularly those coming from Doha. We already have taken members from the old RAA Sailing Club who find the Dukhan facilities very much to their liking.

Also very much on our priority list is the examination/proposal of opening the DWS facilities to QP ELS staff in Dukhan. Our current membership stands at approximately 430 members total. Our predictions are this figure will rise by 40% to 50% in our first year of opening taking senior staff membership over 600.

Current ELS membership of Al-Jinan Club in Dukhan is over 800 members, and this club has no beach facilities at all.

As various proposals develop, we anticipate the DWS membership may rise to well above 1,000 members quite rapidly.
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