Dukhan Cinema has been in service since around 1982. One of the best relieves to all Dukhanese not only during those times but even till date. The cinema has a 620 seating capacity and is fully echo repellent to give quality entertainment. The Dolby sound system shrills the audience. There are weekly 4 multilingual shows to give equal entertainment to all in the Township. The contracting, staff with their proper identity, share the privilege to this sole entertaining arena. The system consists of 2 projectors operated by a dedicated operator and 3 additional attendants during the show. The theater is being used for community functions and also is a platform for Dukhan English School students for their drama classes and stage activities. The parking area for this huge complex with an indoor badminton court attached to it is shared by the members of JRC and DESS as well. A canteen is open within the cinema for soft drinks and snacks to serve the audience.
Operational Hours
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday
7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

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